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      Work with Stemko Group and you will get the best expertise to discuss, specify, supply and install the right solution for your project with no fuss, just experience and professionalism.  

      You will soon come to discover these 8 ways we can save you money while reducing your project management time.

      1. Simple briefing to save time and effort;
      2. Direct access to knowledgeable staff;
      3. Creative solutions that look and function fabulously;
      4. A total service to save money and reduce Project Management time;
      5. Simple to understand quotes and estimates to make it easy to see where relative costs lie;
      6. Wide range of timbers and finishes to deliver the look you want;
      7. High quality products that will continue to look great and will last;
      8. Top-class customer service and account management.

      Then again.. who needs a reason?

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