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      Ripple Effect : the continuing and spreading results of an event or action.

      In our business, the products we provide not only impact directly on our customers, but also on their customers and in turn, their customers are effected… and then… you get my drift.

      With that in mind on every project we undertake, great care and attention is paid to how we manage this provision and the causality of promising our customers ‘Project Peace of Mind’, great value and excellent after service care.

      customers’ needs are an integral part of how we operate.  We have mastered the art of indulging them and in turn, their own customers, with tailor-made solutions for any industry.  By doing this we are ensuring that:

      • Our products remain necessary and have a positive effect on ours and our customers’ future growth.
      • People are effected positively by our business, whether its interaction by staff members or provision of a product or service.
      • We continue to offer our customers a product that they are proud to present to their own clients’ time and again. They will always have a vested interest in our company.

      Stemko Group is the only doorset manufacturer to be able to consult, specify, manufacture, supply and install your timber or steel doorsets and glazed timber screens complete with any enhanced safety features that are required. We’re going to ensure that our ‘Ripple Effect’ continues as we keep offering Project Peace of Mind.

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