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      Is a door, just a door?

      Cognition is the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses.

      In South Africa, I visited a small company on a main street who was looking to sell up and move. Business was booming for them and they needed extra room. They had bought a specially made entrance door for their small business and wanted to take it with them to wherever they moved. The door was amazing. Made in Kenya, it was carved, rich mahogany… really a work of art. Even if you had no business with them, you just wanted to enter through that door!

      Not only does a door keep people out when it is locked, when it is open, it is an invitation, a ‘first perception’ – put a welcome mat in front of it and you’re home.

      Try this exercise if you have a child… show them a white closed door, they probably won’t be terribly impressed and might walk right past, but change the colour, make it look inviting and that child will want to enter. The same could be said for patients in a hospital, staff entering the workplace or students in their learning environment. Doors can either feel very foreboding, or they can be very inviting.

      The colour and style of the door, of the frame, of the ironmongery, surrounded by the wall, all make a difference to people’s perception of a place. The very ‘feel’ of the door can even make a difference.

      At Stemko Group, we understand the importance of doors and how they function within your environment. If it’s a school, a university, a hospital, or a business, we know what you need and we understand that a door … isn’t just a door.