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      It all starts with a dream… The dream spawn’s wings and takes off.  Pretty soon, you’re working into the night, working weekends, taking jobs from everyone and driving long distances to everywhere.  There are jobs that need to be done and you’re going to make sure it’s your company doing it!

      I’m pretty sure you’ve heard this story. It’s how most companies get started. Behind every great company is a great story.  Everyone sees the success you are now, sure, but what they don’t see is how you got there. Through hard work, relentless sleepless nights, sacrifices and shortcomings, these people broke through and made their companies successful, mostly thanks to the people they surrounded themselves with.  Employees, Suppliers and Customers and the relationship that business owner has with them, are the reason these companies are successful.

      Stemko Group Ltd was founded in 1967 under very similar circumstances and the reason for our success is due to the relationships we have forged and cultivated throughout the years, with our Customers, our Suppliers, and our Employees.  We know that we can develop and maintain great relationships. We understand the hard work and dedication that goes into each project and offer the same perspective.

      We have a dream, we don’t care how long it takes, or how hard we have to work at it, we are used to it, and we embrace it. We want Stemko Group to be the company you call on to help you. We are here for you, giving you Project Peace of Mind all the way.

      Contact us now.. We’d like to be part of your company’s great story.

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