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      A unique and complete package

      No-one delivers like Stemko Group

      Commercial timber doorset, steel doorset, and glazed timber screen supply and installation

      Commercial property refurbishment, commercial fit-out and new build projects are a complex project management balancing act. Reduce that complexity, reduce your project management effort and save money by choosing a commercial timber doorset manufacturer with a proven track record to deliver more.

      Plan, supply, install – Stemko Group does it all

      Stemko Group offers something unique, especially as a timber and steel doorset manufacturer and supplier within the M25 and London. What’s more take a look at what our clients have to say and how they score us for the way we work and deliver for them. We know we provide a stellar service; they seem to agree.

      We are the UK’s premier supplier of quality timber and steel doorsets and glazed timber screens, focusing within the M25 but with capabilities to deliver across the country. Whether you require your timber doorsets for a refurbishment, fit-out or new build project that is commercial, or within the education, healthcare, or leisure sector, or when you’re searching for durable steel and timber solutions in a wide range of finishes and materials, look no further than Stemko Group.

      stemko mission

      To consistently contribute to the overall success of our clients’ projects by partnering with them and striving to give exceptional service throughout every contact.

      stemko vision

      – to build on over 50 years of experience within the construction industry to ensure that we become an invaluable associate to our clients.
      – to become the perfect partner for the supply & installation of complete doorset and glazed screen packages for the fit-out and refurbishment sectors of the construction industry.
      – to operate together as a team, creating a culture of continuous improvement.

      stemko values

      Service – We strive to consistently provide a level of personal service to our clients which is unrivalled in our industry.
      Trust  – We operate at all times on our cultural principles of honesty and integrity.
      Enthusiasm – We maintain passion for our customers, our products, and our company.
      Method – We follow strict procedures and systems to ensure quality, consistency, and traceability.
      Kindness – We remain committed to donating to charitable organisations on a regular basis.
      Ownership – We hold ourselves accountable and take personal responsibility for everything that we provide.

      Key sectors


      Such as office developments, fit-outs and refurbishments.


      Such as universities, colleges and schools.


      Such as hospitals, health centres, care homes.


      Such as theatres, hotels, leisure centres and health clubs.

      Key products

       Timber doorsets

      Heavy-duty doors are made from responsibly resourced timber available in standard sizes or to bespoke specification. Available in a variety of finishes we have fire and acoustic ranges plus other special features.

      Glazed timber screens

      Timber glazed screens are an integral aspect of many modern commercial interiors. We have screens to suit every requirement. Fire resistant screens are available, and all are aesthetically appealing with durable functionality.

       Steel doorsets

      Constructed to deliver durability, security, and quality. Suitable for commercial, education, healthcare, and leisure projects. These internal and external bespoke doors can be manufactured to a variety of fire and acoustic ratings, including vents and fire vents where necessary.

      Case studies

      Blog spot

      We understand your Challenges

      We understand your Challenges

      Stemko Group offer a unique and complete solution for commercial building, fit-out and refurbishment projects. As the only supplier that manufactures, delivers and installs our range of timber and steel doorsets and glazed timber screens, we’re able to provide a...

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      Timber Screens – Beautiful, affordable, and durable

      Timber Screens – Beautiful, affordable, and durable

      Stemko Group are specialists in glazed timber screens Our Screens have a solution for every requirement, from standard screens through to bespoke options tailored to your client’s individual requirements. Timber screens with fire resistance are also available for your...

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      Our Products Stand the Test of Time

      Our Products Stand the Test of Time

      Of course, you’ve heard that saying before – ‘Stand the Test of Time’.  At Stemko Group we have proven it repeatedly.  Our range of steel doors are constructed to endure, ensuring secure solutions for your project. Heavy duty internal and external steel doors are used...

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      Creating a Continuous Ripple Effect

      Creating a Continuous Ripple Effect

      Ripple Effect : the continuing and spreading results of an event or action. In our business, the products we provide not only impact directly on our customers, but also on their customers and in turn, their customers are effected... and then... you get my drift. With...

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      You only need One Team

      You only need One Team

      You only need One Team, and that’s Stemko Group Ever heard the saying ‘Many hands make Light Work’?  Well at Stemko Group we partner with you to take the pressure off you. All you need to do is to point us in the right direction.  Tell us what type of door or screen...

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