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      If you’re trying to decide on glazed screen options, make sure you take time to consider the benefits of specifying Stemko Group’s Natraglaze screens.  At the end of the project, your choice of screen will have a huge impact on the overall appearance of the fitout/design – from both inside and outside, as well as the amount of natural light that’s able to fill the space.

      Our Timber Screens (glazed or not) are designed to allow the maximum amount of light into a space. They provide aesthetically pleasing views and a sense of style mixed with comfort and modernity.

      Ideal for commercial, light industrial, educational, leisure and healthcare projects, there are plenty of reasons to opt for our Timber Screens – from aesthetics to saving energy. These include:

      Uninterrupted views

       A Timber Screened office allows the building occupants to have a full view of their surroundings, which, in turn ensuring a much more open and airy feel.

      Architecturally attractive

      A solid panel or partition can stand be a bit annoying and have an isolated feel which could negatively affect both the interior design and the exterior appearance of the office. With Timber Screens, however, you can enjoy a much more streamlined appearance and, as mentioned above, several can be installed together, which can create a striking architectural feature. Once you’ve decided on the species of wood needed, out of paint-grade softwood or hardwood /Oak / Walnut / Ash / Maple / Steamed Beech / Cherry / Sapele. Any of these options are a beautiful catalyst for award winning fitouts.

      Easy installation

      Timber glazed screens are often easy to install and Stemko Group Ltd are the go-to professionals for the task. They can be polished, stained, or primed as desired.

      Safety First

      Fire safety is a priority when it comes to deciding on interior options, we know that – That’s why our Timber glazed screens can be made to FD30 / FD60 specifications with sound insulation rating up to 45dB as Standard.

      Check out our Timber Glazed Screens or get in touch for further information on specifications.