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      Steiner Academy case study

      • Sector: Education
      • Contractor: Speller Metcalfe (Malvern)
      • Location: Hereford
      • Products supplied: Natradoor and Natraglaze

      The Steiner Academy in Hereford is the first UK academy to teach using the Steiner principles. The Steiner Waldorf approach is based on the simple but profound insight that children learn in different ways at different stages of their development. When recent extensive renovation and construction works took place, Stemko Group was the perfect company to partner with the main contractor for providing the solutions required for this complex project.

      With an emphasis on design and the use of natural timber (rather than manufactured timber products) throughout the project, we worked closely with the architect to provide the correct specification, whilst maintain aesthetically pleasing designs, resulting once again in project peace of mind for both the architect and the main contractor.

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